Mahnaz afshar and her daughter in an advertisement

Mahnaz afshar and her daughter in an advertisement for children outfits/ The invasion of some Persian speaking internet users to Malia Obama’s personal Instagram page, was followed by a huge reaction all over the

These juices are anti-cancer and prevents cardiovascular disorders

Seyyed Morteza Safavi, the nutritionist, spoke about the benefits of having fruit juices. He mentioned: generally fruits are way better that juices and consuming fruits would be much more beneficial to our bodies. Especially

The horrible action of Turkish army with a Kurd citizen

A video has been published in turkey lately which made Kurdish citizens angry on one side and took the universal attention on the other side. This video was recorded from the corps of a

Photos of the prismatic football player

The players of Esteghlal football team who has left Tehran to Armenia on 14th of Tir on a 12 days camp in that country, as started taking memorial pictures with their fans during their

Different and new photo of Sam Derakhshani and his wife Asal Amirpoor

New photo of Sam Derakhshani and his wife Sam Derakhshani published this photo and announced that he had an interview along with his wife Asal. I had many cover photos since I became famous

Benyamin Bahadori rejected the rumors about Barana becoming a singer! + photo

. Barana does not have any intentions for becoming a singer for now… Benyamin Bahadori rejected the rumors of publishing his new track names as ” Lalaii” in which Barana is also singing. Since

Selling new born babies with incredible price in Tehran

New born babies are sold for 100 thousand Tomans in Tehran! Fatemeh Daneshvar, the head of social committee of Islamic council in Tehran mentioned the fact about new born babies being sold in south

Ali Zia is not officially banned from media activity! Zia and Mazloumi’s reaction to this issue!

The assistant director of media said: Seyyed Ali Zia is now officially suspended from all the activities in Islamic media and he is not allowed to worked in any field of radio or TV

The reason behind the famous celebrity’s suicide was revealed + photo

The reason for Robin Williams’ suicide, the Hollywood comedian / Susan Williams said in her first interview one year after the death of the famous actor of ” Dead Poets Society” that : Robin

Elnaz Shakerdoost dressed up in Germany airport + photo!

Elnaz shakerdoost shared a new and beautiful photo of herself in Germany airport. Here you can see her latest photo. Elnaz Shakerdoost shared her new photo in Germany airport . she wrote: I have