Mahnaz Afshar and her mother in law, father in law and daughter

Mahnaz Afshar (2) Mahnaz Afshar (3)

Mahnaz Afshar, the famous cinema actress who married Mohammad Yasin Ramin, the son of Mohammad Ali Ramin, the press secretary of 10th government a while ago, traveled to Germany to deliver her first child. Besides, we came to know that this Iranian cinema actress gave birth to her first daughter on 4th of Khordad. She named her daughter Lia which means Happy. Lia Ramin is the daughter of Mohammad Yasin Ramin and Mahnaz Afshar. Hence Dr Susan Safaverdi, who was the secretary of international organization and cooperation of women and family right section in 10th government is her mother in law. Her political activities started in the first months of revolution in abroad. She was among the officials of Islamic community of Clausthal city in Germany and she was responsible for women , children and families concerns and needs in that community. In the year 1995 after 17 years of living in Germany, she returned with her husband and continued her activities in Iran. She has a member of Azad University board, and women right activist in Ahl Beht international community, and also she was a member of central council of Ahl Beyt NGOs. Safaverdi has translated many books from Persian to Germany and from Germany to Persian. She participated in Dorban II meeting as the representative of Ahl Beyt followers community with Ahmadinezhad in the year 1388 in Geneva.   Mahnaz Afshar