Akbar Abdi make a lot of news in Turkey


Akbar Abdi

The new decision of Akbar Abdi, the famous Iranian artist, had a huge reflection in Turkish media. The Turkish media announced a news on Monday regarding this new decision and said that he bought a house in Alanya and had decided to spend the rest of his life in that city. The Anatoly news agency said that Akbar Abdi who had been the main role in more than 90 movies in Iran, had press conference in a real state in Alanya and had said that: due to some health problems, I have decided to live in this city for the rest of my life. It has been claimed that Abdi, the popular cinema, TV and theatre actor, suffers from diabetic and recently he has got some disease in his kidney. He had said that, as per the recommendations of his old friend, Mansour Piri, I have moved to Analya in turkey and I have bought a house over here. I would spend the rest of my life in this country. He had chosen this place for living to get rid of all the pressures and tensions , and he could keep aside all the BP and diabetic medicines he was addicted to, while he was living here. NTV channel published this news and  said that Abdi is an artist wo had worked for Iranian cinema for 34 years and he is famous for the man of multiple faced in the history of Iranian cinema. As reported by this channel, Abdi had announced that he would stay in this country from now onwards and he would continue his artistic activities from this country. The 55 year olf Abdi said that he has some projects for producing movies and TV serials in turkey and the movie named as Azari Mashhadi Ebad is going to be started very soon. Akbar Abdi won the crystal Simorgh in 1368 for acting in Madar movie directed by Ali Hatami in the 8th Fajr Film Festival. He also won the crystal Simorgh for the second main role for acting in “Khabam Miad” smovie directed by Reza Attaran from 30th Fajr Film Festival. We all pray to God for this lovely and hardworking artist of our country.

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