Ali Daei and his wife in his luxury jewelry shop

In the summary of the story of this TV serial which is going to be produced in Tehran Channel, it has come that Ghobad who is always day dreaming and wishes to reach his goals in one day and become a super star…hence, he decides to enter the football field. However after joining a team in the Superior league …

Amir Hossein Rostami playing the role of (Siavash Rostami), Bahare Afshari playing the role of ( Nastaran), Ronak Younesi playing the role of (Sholeh), Atash Taghipoor playing the role of ( Javad), Zoya Emami playing the role of ( Mahin), Mani Noori in the role of (Ghobad), Mehran Zeyghami in the role of ( Khashayar), Saaed Hedayati in the role of (Gheydi), Ladan Parvin in the role of (Lady Khosravi), with the presence of Reza Tavakoli (Mr Boostani) and etc are among the actors of “Akharin Soltan” serial.

Ali Daei

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