Ali Zia is not officially banned from media activity! Zia and Mazloumi’s reaction to this issue!

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The assistant director of media said: Seyyed Ali Zia is now officially suspended from all the activities in Islamic media and he is not allowed to worked in any field of radio or TV channel programs until the next announcement. Ali Asghar Poor Mohammadi said about Seyyed Ali Zia’s situation that : due to the publication of a video clip in social networks in which he is abusing the head coach and fans of Esteghlal football team and attending a party which was not legal according to Islamic rules and having such an abnormal behavior in that party, he is suspended until the next announcement . He said: his file should he sent to the related offices dealing with the crimes of TV presenters and they should decide on his case. Until then he is not allowed to work in TV or radio. We should wait and see the decisions of the concern people in this matter. Ali Asghar Poor Mohammadi said: Seyyed Ali Zia is not permitted to perform in any programs in TV or radio channels of the country.

Ali Zia