Appreciation of Ali Karimi by Ehsan Alikhani, the presenter of Mah Asal TV show

Ehsan Alikhani appreciated Ali Karimi and his hard works last night in the last moments of his show and criticized the behavior of Ali Daii towards him.

In the 25 day od Ramadan, the Mah Asal TV show invited few cancer patients and asked one of the guests, Ali, in the last part that whether he follows Perspolis or Esteghlal team. And once he said that he follows Perspolis , he immediately said: Ali and Ali Karimi have the same name. And I was truly sad about the way he said goodbye to football. He resigned with full respect and love towards his followers and wrote in his letter that he would bury all the sadness of my friends and would say goodbye to football this sentence was golden.

Alikhani added: I consider Ali Karimi as the most popular football player of my life and he is very dear to many of us. I should criticize my favorite club  (perspolis).  The coaches of this club were quiet unfair about Ali Karimi. What Mr. Rahimi and Mr. daii did to him was not fair at all.

We could have allowed him to play in this season and say goodbye in the field. Ali Karimi is one of the most loyal humans and has always participated in charities secretly. I still have some hope that he come back to the team.

After that Alikhani and the guests along with the back stage crew of the show clapped for Ali Karimi and then he said: we want Ali Karimi to be back as his letter and politeness is amazing. We can not easily deny his role in football.


Ehsan Alikhani

Ali Karimi by Ehsan Alikhani