Bahareh Afshari finnaly reacted to the rumors about her marriage with Benyamin and broke her silence!

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Bahareh Afsari wrote in her instagram: I am sick and tired of being angry…

Maybe you don’t have to be silent all the time. Maybe you should destroy so that others don’t dare to get close to you. then we don’t have to have so much boundaries, then your family dose not have to feel pain at times , or your friends would lose their faith in you, then you don’t have to start your day with stress and tension of such stupid and lame news. Then you don’t wish to be someone else./ this is for the first and last time that I speak up. I deny and reject all these weird events of past one months and all those 10 years so that I could get rid of all my marriages which occur every six months, to get rid of the rumors about me being banned from working while I sleep only 6 hours a day and I have shooting for the rest. To get rid of the rumors about me entering cinema having the reference of Mr. X .

Bahareh Afsari