Bahareh Rahnama in her 19th wedding anniversary with Peyman Ghasemkhani

Mehrab Ghasemkhani (2)

Mehrab Ghasemkhani (3)

Mehrab Ghasemkhani shared this memory for the 19th wedding anniversary of his brother Peyman Ghasemkhani with Bahareh Rahnama: Memory/ Birthday Cake: it was around 70s when I was graduated from high school and unemployed. Peyman was in Millitray services that time. Peyman and Bahareh were engaged. On the birthday of Peyman, Bahareh decided to surprise him. Hence she came to our home from early morning when Peyman was left, to make the arrangements for the birthday party. She had bought a Nescafé tasty cake on which it was written: Lovely Peyman, Happy Birthday. I was sitting in the living room watching a movie and Bahareh was running around the kitchen, suddenly a loud voice was heard from the kitchen, and the I heard Bahareh crying. I got scared and ran to the kitchen and I saw Bahareh sitting on the floor, crying and her lovely cake was all on the floor right in front of her. she was not hurt but when I tried to take the cake off from the floor, all the top portion was stick to the ground. I laughed a bit and made fun of her and she also cried. After a while I went back to the living room and watched the movie. Half an hour later, she came to me and said very happy and proudly that : I decorated the cake again and it looks great now. I never thought she has such abilities so I went to the kitchen to see what she has done… she found Mustard sauce in the fridge and had covered the cake with it as its color was close to Nescafe color. I laughed until noon and she cried until Peyman was back. We directly, through the whole cake out while its smell was there in the kitchen for few years later. P.S.: happy anniversary sister in law.

Mehrab Ghasemkhani