Baran Kosari and her seven car accident with a cranes

baran kosari (2)

Today morning at 4 A.M. Baran Kosari, the Iranian cinema actress had an accident with a cranes in Ati Sazan town which took her and her companion to the hospital. Baran Kosari was born at 25th of Mehr in 1364 in Tehran and she was graduated in arts from Soureh high school. She is the daughter of Rakhshan Banietemad, the director, and Jahangir Kosari, the producer, TV presenter and football reporter and journalist. The best father of the world ( 1370) was her first experience in acting. After that till 1380 she was playing in all her mother’s movies . Besides, she has starred as a theatre actress in a performance named as “beyond the mirrors “directed by Azita Hajian in 1376. She was among the judges during the 17th international festival of children and adolescence movies in Isfahan ( 1381).¬† 1385 was a glorious year for her. She stared in Sahebdelan serial ( Mohammad Hossein Lotfi) which received many appreciations by the judges. After that she was selected for the most popular celebrity of the year by Chelcheragh magazine and after that in the month of Bahman in the same year, she won the prize for the best actress by the 25th Fajr Film Festival for acting in Khun Bazi and Roze Sevom.

baran kosari