Beast married beauty

reza shahBeast married beauty

Moses Mendelssohn, the grandfather of German famous musician, was an ugly and wired man. He was very short and had a big hump on his back. Moses met a merchant in Hamburg one day who had a very pretty and lovely girl named as Fromet. Moses was madly in love with the girl when he had no hopes to marry her as Fromet was disgusted with hid ugly appearance. When Moses was supposed to go back to his city, he used his last Courage and went to his room to talk to her for the last time. The girl was indeed like the angels and did not look at him at all. This made Moses really sad. After his effort for talking he finally asked shamefully: do you know that people’s marriage is all set in heaven? The girl was still staring at the floor when she replied: yes, what do you think? – I believe that god decides for all men to whom they should married on the very first day they are born. When I was born, God showed me my future wife and said:” you will have a humpbacked”/ at that moment I screamed and said: “oh God! Being a humpback is such a misery for a lady. Please give that hump to me and give all the beauties to her” . Formet raised his head and stared at him while she was shivering imagining such incidents. She was such a loyal and selfless wife for Moses for many years.Beauty-and-the-Beast