The beautiful pictures of Reza Sadeghi with his foreigner wife

the new and beautiful photo of Reza Sadeghi, the famous Iranian actor next to his wife and his daughter Tiara in the northern parts of Iran. You can see and enjoy the continue of this news here :

Reza Sadeghi shared this photo of him and his wife and daughter in his Instagram and wrote:

Happy Friday to all my friends and I wish you all a peaceful and happy Friday. Our family, my wife and daughter and I are going to the beach and then going for lunch… with the Nazri food of Karam and the mercy of Morteza Ali… I wish all of u laughter and peace.

I was born at 25th of Mordad in 1358 at 7:30 A.M. in a hospital in Bandar Abbas from a very religious family. We belonged to middle class. My father was a single technician in Petrol Company and my mother was a house wife. I have four sisters who are really dear to me and more dear is my younger brother Mohammad Reza. Thank God that all my sister are artists. Adeleh , my youngest sister plays violin , Raheleh playes guitar, raziyeh is a writer and Masoumeh is also an artists in Fazaye Mehrbani. Mohammad Reza is only 12 years old now. I did my elementary school in “Shablool  Hokama ” school . I had a teacher there, lady Naseri whom I really loved and I will always do. I spent my guidance school in “Madani ” school in Bandar abbas where I had a moderator there, Mr. Raissii. I really like him and respected him. After that I joined Zakeri high school and started music professionally from 1370 in high school. I got to know more about classical music through my father’s cousin and then due to the reasons which society demanded I chose Pop music. But with my own style. I invented my own style in pop music. I really owe Mater Ghavidel who help me during my high school and few of the folklore songs that I sang belongs to him.

Reza Sadeghi