Behnoosh Tabatabaei having fun with friends

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The luxury and expensive car of Mehdi Pakdel and his wife Behnoosh Tabatabaii  Behnoosh Tabatabaii posted this photo in Instagram and wrote: when you hang out with your friends one day to have lots of fun that day would be a different day… when you wake up in the morning nothing is like yesterday, the morning coffee tastes different , you see yourself differently in the mirror, your dress color will change, you will  surely buy flowers from the girl at the crossroad for yourself, traffic won’t bother you, you may even pull over to take a picture from yourself, when you are with your friends, you can laugh at everything very easily… today I feel the same… thank you God. The social page of Behnoosh Tabatabaii, see the photos of Behnoosh Tabatabaii in the role of Cinderella. Cinderella theatre is the newest work of Jalal Tehrani which is on stage in Shahr theatre these days after 9 years of absence. Behnoosh Tabatabaii is playing in the role of Cinderella in this theatre. Behnoosh Tabatabaii, Mehdi Pakdel’s wife, shared thisphoto and said: getting old and still having your theatrics. The first day of exams. Pray for me my lovely friends. Behnoosh Tabatabaii posted this photo on her instagram and wrote under that : in memories of Qeshem and the days I had to sit behind this door because of the modem inside this to use internet and of course the guests at this room where so nice to me and offered me with a cup of Milk Tea every time… those lovely days…

Behnoosh Tabatabaei

When Behnoosh Tabatabaii was playing in Mosaferi Az Hend serial, no one would imagine that she would star among all the actors and actresses in this serial and get a fame. Many people were waiting to see her next choice and with which director she is going to work. She is very obsessive in her choices and doesn’t want her audiences to change their mind about her… her next choice was acting in ” Eshgh Gomshodeh” serial directed by Hasan Soheilizadeh. In the last days of the year 1383 we had a chat with her which you can see here. As I haven’t received a good script and I like to be happy if I play in a cinema movie, I don’t want to rush in to it.

Did you have any references for acting? Fortunately no and I am happy that I entered this field healthily and took acting classes.

Was these acting classes helpful? Very much, because if it doesn’t have anything to teach you at least it proves to you If you have the talent for acting at all.

I think you played in a video clip for the first time and then Koye Damoon right? No that video clip was after Koye Damoon. That was a different feeling. I was nervous very much but then when I stood in front of the camera I was all in peace.

You said in one of your intreviews that you started liking acting first when you watched Hamoon movie. Is that true? No not by watching that movie, I liked acting since childhood but then it was all adding to my interest.

Have you ever tried to act like a foreign actress? No as it is not going to work. Their facilities are not comparable with ours.

What was the reflection of Eshgh Gomshodeh? At least your own role? It was good. The reflection was good thank God. And this shows that people were happy about it.

If you have an offer in TV and another one in Cinema, which one you would choose? Cinema as I have never tried working in cinema.

How often do you watch movies? Do you watch them at all? Yes I try to watch the recent movies.

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