Benyamin Bahadori and his marriage with the lady actress, is this true?

Benyamin Bahadori

Benyamin’s reply to this marriage and the concern person!

Benyamin Bahadori’s marriage with Bahareh Afshari, is this for real?! A news which has made him to respond to these rumors in his instagram page. He wrote: I am making a big decision for my life and Barana’s. if you care about my opinion I would prefer not to give any further explanations for now. I want you all to bless me with your prayers and help me decide practically. Benyamin Bahadori’s response about the selected person for his marriage: he wrote in his instagram page that” about the post in which I was 33 years old, I would like to once more suggest everyone to avoid rumors and investigations in other people’s personal lives. I have heard the names of few celebrities these day which makes me laugh and sad at the same time. I mean I think if everything goes on like this, then none of the Iranian female artists would dare to step into concerts. I apologize from all of them. I request all of you once more to be patient until the time comes so that I could give the details you all have asked for. I would have to reject a list of names everyday, if things are going to be like this which does not look good. Do not pay attention to those who spread such rumors from now on. I love you all.

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