Benyamin Bahadori rejected the rumors about Barana becoming a singer! + photo

.Benyamin Bahadori

Barana does not have any intentions for becoming a singer for now…
Benyamin Bahadori rejected the rumors of publishing his new track names as ” Lalaii” in which Barana is also singing.
Since last night , a track has been published in different websites and social networks named as “Lalai” tilting the singer name as Barana, Benyamin’s daughter. Hence we decided to investigate about the truth in this case. Benyamin Bahadori rejected all these rumors in this phone call and said: ” I have not heard this track yet but many of my family members and News channels in TV have been digging in . earlier, there have neem many songs published in my name which I have not sang them and I have not reacted to any of them until today. But I won’t take any rumors about Barana.”
This track has many melodic similarities with prior works of Benyamin and this might be the reason for others to spread these rumors about Barana being the singer of this track. Benyamin said : ” I sang one part of this track in the new year program of Kolah Ghermezi show for Barana and other dolls in the show in the form of Lullaby but the composers of this track expanded it and named it as Barana. “