Brad Pitt and his awkward weight gain in Hollywood

This famous actor, who has undergone a lot of tensions lately, has put on few pounds in last few months.  He was always in shape and never had seen like this before and this has been the topic for many social Medias these days.  As reported by an American newspaper, brad knows very well that he has become very fat these days. During last few months , he didn not have enough time to work out due to the tough days he was going through. And indeed his personal life was not in such a way to allow him think about his body shape and gym and exercising.

He is busy with work these days, from morning till evening, and once he is out he keep eating Mexican foods and chocolates which caused the weight gain which is obvious in his face and stomach. Besides, his presence in Red Carpet and opening ceremonies with Angelina Jolie has affected this situation as there are usually luxury feasts after such ceremonies and he would not be able to follow his usual diet.