Bre*st enlarging with needle and herbal thread


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This natural therapeutic method is easy and harmless for weight loss and body size and local weight gain or weight loss. It can help you to naturally reduce your weight and lose the accumulated fat in arms. Legs and etc. In the process of weight loss using acupuncture method your appetite for food intake would reduce and would help you to have a control over the food you eat. Besides , exercising and appropriate food diet or nutritional supplements for fat burning or dietary fiber supplements would also be a good option for weight loss along with  acupuncture.

Weight loss with acupuncture and catgut method is highly effective for different types of fatness especially for those who want proportionate and slim body shape and for those who want to lose the local fat in their hips and thighs , their abdomen and sides and breasts. There are different methods for weight loss but using acupuncture method has unique properties. It is very simple and harmless and does not have any unfavorable reactions for body along. The weight loss method using acupuncture is different from other methods like medication and various devices… more information.

Weight loss using medication would be effective for a short time by acupuncture would affect the inner body organs and the body of an individual would regulate its own functions and the metabolism of the body would increase to balance the weight of the body. So after the full sessions of therapy , a person normally wont gain weight for a long time and the local bad form would not appear in the body.

In the recent years, weight loss and body proportionate using acupuncture has been the center of the attention of many scientists in different countries and has been known as a healthy and harmless method for weight loss for the fatness caused by abnormal functioning of thyroid and Hypophysis Gland. Having appropriate food habit or using food supplements for enhancing the functions of these glands along with acupuncture could be helpful for some people. Weight loss and fitness using acupuncture burns extra fats immediately and tightens skin which eliminates the wrinkles and avoids loosening in skin. It has no negative effects on your health. More information…

Younger- looking skin and its beauty and eliminating the wrinkles on the forehead and smile line and around the eyes with natural methods: as the therapeutic sessions for skin beauty and anti-aging actions for face skin has been more and more diverted towards the natural and traditional methods  like Botox or laser techniques , women were standing in lines in an exhibition named as ” the beauty world of Japan” to test the acupuncture technique for beauty purposes. Mr. Takshi Kitagavi specialist in acupuncture says: inserting this small needles in face, wound enhance the natural power of face for healing that leads to a younger look. More information…

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