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Mahnaz afshar and her daughter in an advertisement

Mahnaz afshar and her daughter in an advertisement for children outfits/ The invasion of some Persian speaking internet users to Malia Obama’s personal Instagram page, was followed by a huge reaction all over the

Different and new photo of Sam Derakhshani and his wife Asal Amirpoor

New photo of Sam Derakhshani and his wife Sam Derakhshani published this photo and announced that he had an interview along with his wife Asal. I had many cover photos since I became famous

The reason behind the famous celebrity’s suicide was revealed + photo

The reason for Robin Williams’ suicide, the Hollywood comedian / Susan Williams said in her first interview one year after the death of the famous actor of ” Dead Poets Society” that : Robin

Elnaz Shakerdoost dressed up in Germany airport + photo!

Elnaz shakerdoost shared a new and beautiful photo of herself in Germany airport. Here you can see her latest photo. Elnaz Shakerdoost shared her new photo in Germany airport . she wrote: I have

The consequences of unveiling of two cinema actresses, Sadaf Taherian and Chakameh Chamanmah and the reaction of Ershad ministry !

Hossein Nooshabadi, the speaker of Ershad explained about the consequences of unveiling of two cinema actresses. The speaker of Culture and Ershad ministry explained about this incident and said: such actions are the results

ceremonies for quite a long time


Shila Khodadad’s detention

Shila Khodadad, the Iranian cinema and TV actress was the guest of Reza Rashidpoor in Did Dar Shab show which was broadcasted by Aparat Wedsite. She answered the controversial questions of this TV presenter.

Weird events in Hedyeh Tehrani’s life which you have not heard of/ from getting married to Rahim Mashaii to her death

About her life, marriage and death/ in anything would go well, her first movie would most probably be ” Chay Talkh” directed by Naser Taghvaii; the actress who was so embarrassed by her play

Reza Golzar’s lucky number in Germany + Photos

Mohammad Reza Golzar traveled to cologne to attend the red carpet ceremony of Shaharzad Serial. He shared many photos of this trip for his fans among which was showing him with his lucky number.

Bahareh Afshari finnaly reacted to the rumors about her marriage with Benyamin and broke her silence!

Bahareh Afsari wrote in her instagram: I am sick and tired of being angry… Maybe you don’t have to be silent all the time. Maybe you should destroy so that others don’t dare to