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Different and new photo of Sam Derakhshani and his wife Asal Amirpoor

New photo of Sam Derakhshani and his wife Sam Derakhshani published this photo and announced that he had an interview along with his wife Asal. I had many cover photos since I became famous

Selling new born babies with incredible price in Tehran

New born babies are sold for 100 thousand Tomans in Tehran! Fatemeh Daneshvar, the head of social committee of Islamic council in Tehran mentioned the fact about new born babies being sold in south

Ali Zia is not officially banned from media activity! Zia and Mazloumi’s reaction to this issue!

The assistant director of media said: Seyyed Ali Zia is now officially suspended from all the activities in Islamic media and he is not allowed to worked in any field of radio or TV

ceremonies for quite a long time


Weird events in Hedyeh Tehrani’s life which you have not heard of/ from getting married to Rahim Mashaii to her death

About her life, marriage and death/ in anything would go well, her first movie would most probably be ” Chay Talkh” directed by Naser Taghvaii; the actress who was so embarrassed by her play

Baran Kosari and her seven car accident with a cranes

Today morning at 4 A.M. Baran Kosari, the Iranian cinema actress had an accident with a cranes in Ati Sazan town which took her and her companion to the hospital. Baran Kosari was born

Se*ual harassment of an employee by her colleague in front of their coworkers

Se*ual harassment of a young lady These photos are taken from a CCTV in a private company and were submitted to the police department in which a r*pist man is shown. The young employee

Xaniar Khosravi first photo after a year + photos and biography

The first selfie of Xaniar Khosravi and his wife. Xaniar Khosravi, the singer, composer, song writer, arrangement and actor, was born at 2nd of Ordibehesht in 1364 in Tehran. He published his first album

Tataloo wrote a poem for Amir Mehdi Zhuleh!

  Amir Tataloo, the underground Iranian singer shared a sort of insulting poem in his instagram page and wrote: every one of you all could take this poem personally! Indeed I have said many

Mehdi Suluki and his Wife in their newest photos

Mehdi Suluki and his wife/ Mehdi Suluki , the Iranian actor finally opened an account in Instagram . He has posted many photos among which he had uploaded two photos of his wife along