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Few selfies of celebrities shot during the National Cinema Day and the Home Cinema Festivals

Asghar farhadi: for me a big director is someone who has no space between his movie and him and looks like his movies. Odyar: for me it is someone who has a sharp eye

Shahrokh Estakhri and her Jewelry shop with many celebrities in it

Some people may think Shahokh Estakhri is one of those who got famous very quickly but the truth is something else. He took this path step by step and slowly. He started his career

The exceptional Lexus entered Tehran

The photo you are watching right now is a “SC 430” Crook in Tehran. This Lexus has a Chromium body. This car has entered Tehran with a temporary license plate. Reza Haghighi is also

Humans look like animals

Human faces with real animal bodies! These mixed works are created by the American artist Kath Clark from Brookline. She is using the method of Toxi- dermology create these mixed creatures. Iran News: mixing

Mohammad reza Golzar in one of the foreign advertisements!

Mohammad Reza Golzar, the handsome actor of Iran Cinema has recently finished acting in Adaptive Drama named as “Khoshksali And Durugh”. Golzar has played in front of the well-known actors like Ali Sarabi, Ayda

How much is the biggest house in Tehran?

As per the reports of a province expert about the biggest house of Tehran and then following the viewpoints of Khosrow Abadi in media, in a situation that he had not yet received the

Amin Hayaii and his wife, Nilofar Khosh Kholgh in their café opening ceremony in Lavasan

Amin Hayaii and Nilofar Khosh Kholgh who are among the limited famous Iranian Artist couples who has stood by each other with the mercy of God and the love between them, has opened a

Negar estakhr in her 44rd birthday (photo)

Negar Estakhr Kaseb (1349 in Tehran) is a stage and outfit designer, master of puppets, and Iranian actress. Estakhr started with puppet playing as the role of Senjed and became famous with it. Negar

Photos of a villa in Lavasan that worth around 120 billiards

The most expensive villa in the neighborhood of Tehran is a villa that is around 7 thousand meters in Lavasan and have been estimated to worth 120 billiard tomans. In such a situation that

Different advertisements of Bahareh Rahnama for cloths and bags brands + photod

Bahareh Rahnama posted these photos and wrote: Lovely Mahoor Ahmadi my childhood and forever friend, has worn me her beautiful spring collections and we sat in her house yard, where has been the witness