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The brawl of a billboard in Tehran + photos

In the middle of Bahman the new billboards of Snova commercial photos were exhibited in Tehran. Iran Novin Company as the presenter of this project, used a slogan ” Count On Us” for this

Interesting selfie of Behnoosh Bakhtiari with cat shades + photos

New appearance of Behnoosh BakhtiariBehnoosh Bakhtiari posted a photo in her social page and wrote: Good luck to all my colleagues for Fajr Film Festival.. a sudden selfi … friends the word Ya Ali

Fashion and clothing with Setareh and Laleh Eskandari for their unveiling the new designs of Setareh Eskandari for clothes

Wrap and woof and pattern, thousands of colors and hands were knitting and give life to the cloth. The clothes of old patens in the center heart of modern Tehran which is the origin

The most expensive car belongs to the prince of Saudi Arabia + photos

  Based on the news that have been published in the magazines and newspapers, prince, Valid Ebn Talal, drives the most expensive car in the world which worth more than 4.8 million dollars. The

a girl who did not remove her face make up for 2 years

doctors recommend all ladies to wash their face and remove the make up every night before they go to bed to avoid any damage to their skin. But this Korean girl kept her make

Ali Daei and his wife in his luxury jewelry shop

In the summary of the story of this TV serial which is going to be produced in Tehran Channel, it has come that Ghobad who is always day dreaming and wishes to reach his

The expensive gift of Angelina Jolie to her husband

  Angelina Jolie, famous Hollywood star, married Brad Pitt in a controversial ceremony and gifted him a unique watch. This watch had been designed for him and is from the best and most famous

Rihanna has made a lot of news with her new tattoo

Everyone knows that Rihanna has a lot of tattoos on her body and she is one of the Hollywood stars whose interest in tattoo has been proved. This 25 year old star decided in

The photos of a pent house in Tehran who values around 23 milliards Tomans

A luxury tower in Kamraniye, Tehran which the pent house in this tower is estimated around 23 milliards Tomans. The 3D cinema theatre whith Dulbi sound, the Biliard saloon with snooker table, two separate

Ehsan Alikhani and the Mahe Asal TV show in 1393

After the official announcement regarding the broadcasting of Mahe Asal TV show during this Ramazan , Ehsan Alikhani had an interview with the journalists club one day before the holidays during which he has