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Rich Girls from Tehran

Qajar dynast goes back to one of the tribes of Aghuz Turk in north east of Iran named as Qajar tribe who traveled to iran after the Moghul attack, from Middle east. They initially

Mehran Ghafoorian and his wife

Mehran Ghafourian was born in 1353 in Tehran and he is a cinema and TV actor, director and script writer. He was born in Molavi street and grew up in Tehransar and Darya neighborhood.

Michelle Obama published the naked photo of Obama and their daughters!

Daily Mails Website wrote: Michelle Obama was on a holiday trip when she posted an old photo of Obama with their daughters in her Instagram to wish him on the Father’s the cast

Hollywood stars without make up

Hollywood stars, always share their pictures when they are wearing a heavy makeup. Have you ever seen them without any makeups on their face? Few of brave Hollywood stars have posted their photos of

Single photo of the most beautiful student girl in Tehran

I need to explain something! We don’t have cinema theatre in my home town! Yeah yeah, I know … now you are thinking where on earth that place is , that they don’t have

Liar shepherd statue in Tehran!

There would be handful people in Iran who does not heard or read the story of the Liar shepherd. If you remember, this story was one of the lessons of our literature subject at

Lovely photos from famous actors and artists in Chaharshanbeh Soori festival, 1393

Chaharshanbeh Soori is one of the ancient Iranian festivals which normally holds on the last Wednesday of the year ( Tuesday night). Origins: ( Edit) / the word Chaharshanbeh Souri is derived from two words

The photo of two girls in a party was revealed!

Scientists believe that areal and deep laughter is equal to exercising for all human beings, as it reduces the blood pressure , stress and enhancing the immune system. Scientists have used few volunteers to

Funny photos of Behnoosh Bakhtiari getting tempted for stealing

Behnoosh Bakhtari , the Iranian comedian has a funny and comic spirit. Behnoosh Bakhtiari has posted a photo on her instagram page and wrote: which one shall I steal??? Whatever you guys say lovely

The beautiful photo of Behnoosh Bakhtiari with Santa Claus outfit

The photo shop photo of Behnoosh Bakhtiari in the Santa Claus outfits for 2015 Christmas With Behshad Mokhtari in Ghazali Cinema Town. Some people are not especial and they don’t want to be … as