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These juices are anti-cancer and prevents cardiovascular disorders

Seyyed Morteza Safavi, the nutritionist, spoke about the benefits of having fruit juices. He mentioned: generally fruits are way better that juices and consuming fruits would be much more beneficial to our bodies. Especially

The longest tongue in the world belongs to an 18 year old American Girl

Adrian Luis claimed that her tongue is 10.16 cm long and said: I can touch my nose, chin and even my eyes with my tongue. This American girl has recently spoken to the officials

Two unconscious ladies were R*ped in a hospital

“Andrew Hutchinson” aged 29 years, was arrested for Se*ual attack in a hospital in Oxford city and many other crimes which were revealed later on. She has been sent to jail for 18 years.

The heaviest man on earth, lost 300 kilograms

Paul Mayson was titled as the heaviest man on earth with a weight of 445 kilograms, not many years ago. This British man could lost 300 kilograms in 5 years with his strong will

The death of a 17 year old youngster who looked like a 100 year old man! + photo

Hayley Okines who is famous as the 100 year old youngster for her social activities in giving the awareness of Progeria or the syndrome of premature aging, died on Thursday. Hayley who was admitted

A lady who made all men to stare at her by her lovely body figure

Most ladies try to be on shape and maintain their body figure. That is why they avoid oily food and … but there is one lady who eat many food with high calories like

Bre*st enlarging with needle and herbal thread

  This natural therapeutic method is easy and harmless for weight loss and body size and local weight gain or weight loss. It can help you to naturally reduce your weight and lose the

The happy face of Reza Davoudnezhad after his latest surgery

Most people may know Reza Davoudnezhad by his special body shape in TV serials and cinema movies. But he is no more the former Reza. His sickness period and his liver transplant has caused

The wired action of this lady to get her fiancé back

Ms . Sam Ward, is 41 years old and has rejected a decent guy’s proposal and now she feels regret so she is trying to somehow get him back. The story is that they

Brad Pitt and his awkward weight gain in Hollywood

This famous actor, who has undergone a lot of tensions lately, has put on few pounds in last few months.  He was always in shape and never had seen like this before and this