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Photos of the prismatic football player

The players of Esteghlal football team who has left Tehran to Armenia on 14th of Tir on a 12 days camp in that country, as started taking memorial pictures with their fans during their

Hadi Norouzi, the Perspolis team Captain passed away

Hadi Norouzi (born at 1st of Tir 1364, in Babol- passed away at 9th of Mehr in 1394 in Tehran) was an Iranian football player. He had played in many Iranian football clubs like

The famous football player and his extramarital affair with his sister-in-law

Rayan Gigz has been playing in Manchester United team since 1990 and he is the coach assistant of the team now. He has been titled as the most honorable football player of Britain history.

Ronaldo and his 18 biliard dollars worth house in New York

Ronaldo’s Villa in New Yrok Christian Ronaldo , the portuguese star in real madrid has been playing in this team since 2009. The rumors of his transference has beeb heard every year. Professional Football

The exceptional Lexus entered Tehran

The photo you are watching right now is a “SC 430” Crook in Tehran. This Lexus has a Chromium body. This car has entered Tehran with a temporary license plate. Reza Haghighi is also

The volleyball star became father

Shahram Mahmoudi’s son was born finally and they decided to name him as Arsam to be another volleyball player in Mahmoudi family. You are originally from Mianeh , do you egularly visit this place?

Ali karimi’s car 16 years ago!

This photo goes back to 1378 , the days that the young Ali Karimi was suspended from football games for hitting the refree. The controversial interview of Ali Karimi: I am not good enough

Open swimming pools for tanned boys and girls

Open pools and young people getting tanned Summer has come and everyone is in trouble for the heat and burning weather. The season of closed schools and universities and pools are all full of

The famous volleyball player’s holidays with his family

Outside the volleyball team I don’t have much friends. Very few. And that to those friends whom I hardly see due to my hectic schedule and repetitive trips. Normally volleyball is somehow that each

Shakira and Pique while going on summer holidays

Shakira and pique summer holidays/ Shakira and Gerard Pique along with their two little child, Milan and Sasha left to a summer holiday. This 38 year old Colombian star entered Barcelona airport with her