The consequences of Botox with innovated materials


Hogo Hernands Garcia, a Mexican man used a particular type of oil named as the baby oil in Botox and plastic surgeries on his own face. And the result of this innate and irrational action is the face which you van see below.

The fake butax is one of the difficulties that physicians and specialists working with this new product are facing along with the side and after effects of using this cosmetics for the patients. Dr. Ali reza Firouz the Dermatologist  and the Vice President of research and teaching of skin disease announce that the illegal products of butax have been imported and said :” this material is a poisen anyways and in case it’s not prepareed and maintained properly and not injected in a proper portion and manner can couse the serious and u reversible damages . On example is about a girl who didn want her name to be mentioned. She said in an interview with Sina magazine that she went to one of the beauty centers for butax injection in her lips about four years ago. But her lips were extremely bigger that expect 11 days after the injection due to using the expired butax . She met the doctor again and they emptied her lips . This young girl has gone under multiple surgeries till now and has to do it every three or four months . Another example is about a girl who has used this butax for her lips four years back and her lips haven’t come back to their normal size yet.