The controversial news on ladies being banned to enter beaches with hijab

soozheha1The prior minister of Family Affairs in France cabinet said that all French ladies should wear swimming suits. She said this order is given after one incident in which she saw a lady in beach who was wearing hijab uncomfortably.

The suggestion of “Nadine Morano” entered a wave of discussions in French media. She said that she saw a lady with Hijab walking on a beach with her husband while he was naked and was wearing shorts while entering water. This lady was sitting peacefully on the sands while other ladies wear sitting in bikinis and swimming suits.

This French former minister posted a photo of this lady in her face book page and wrote: when this lady decided to enter a secular country like France, she should respect the culture of this country. Else she should find somewhere else to live in. Morano was a member of the political party known as “ Union for a Popular Movement”  that supports Sarkozy, the former president of France. She has been accused for misusing the slogans of the national front party in France.

This point of view of the former minister in France faced many reactions in French media. A lady minister in the French cabinet is among the critics.

Ms. Valerie Bicris, the former front minister of France criticized the definition of Moreno of Freedom and said: people have a right to wear whatever they wish as long as they don’t violate the rules of the country.

“Ian Bruce” the French politician also said: frightening the foreigners is not going to be stopped. One of the internet users also criticized the ideas of this former minister and wrote: you should be concerned about the sexual abuses which has reached to 20 thousand cases in a year in France rather than the behavior of a lady whom you don’t know. Maybe this lady herself has chosen her dress.

The controversial news on ladies being banned to enter beaches with hijab