Controversial news of unethical affair of Arnold and his housekeeper

The Hollywood terminator and the former governor of California is ending to all American press controversial in his book when he confess about having a secret affair with his house keeper. Arnold Schwarzenegger has pointed out all the fights and arguments which he had with his wife in this book that was named as ” All Memories” . he then described all the details about family counseling sessions and court and he mentioned that he never expected his wife to get a divorce due to his affair with the house keeper. The actor of Terminator says: she should have gotten the divorce earlier not when he resigned from the position of California governor. Maria Shriver, his wife, sued him in the family court of California for cheating which was the beginning of all these stories and rumors in media and press. Arnold says: the day I went to court, I thought I would be supported in the judging system of California and they would motivate my wife not to get divorce from me. this 65 year old actor of action American movies wrote: initially , I though the courts officials would help us to face this issue in a better point of view and that they would not allow our personal life to be exposed to media and press but our secret was revealed in the very first session.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has openly confessed about his affair with their former house keeper in this book which is going to be published in the 1st October of this year. One handwritten version of this book was accessed and it talks about his long journey to the rural areas of Austria to the hills of fame in cinema and body building till the page of 624. And then he talks about the incidents of Mildred Baena, the former housekeeper who hid his son for 15 years. Arnold has said in his book how sorry and ashamed he is about this incident and says that he should have told his wife the truth long back. While having affair with the housekeeper, in 1996 he was playing in Batman and Robin movie and when the baby was born they named him as Joseph. In a photo published fromĀ  Baena and her son , Joseph’s face has been hidden.