The controversial photos of Mina Lakani in VOA

Mina Lakani in VOA

The Voice Of America channel which is affiliated to the foreign ministary of United States has a big role in affecting the culture and believes af the youngsters in Iran and disrespecting Hijab in this country. According to this report, Mina Lakani, the cinema and theatre actress has again tried to expose an Iranian without Hijab in its TV show. She was invited to the Shabahang TV show without Hijab to fulfill the goals of this program. Lakani has mentioned that she does not belong to any parties in this interview and said that she left the country just because of her nation. She added that she was presented in media not only due to her passion towards acting but also due to the political purposes and the unknown phone calls which was receiving.

Mina Lakani was born in 1348 in Tehran and entered the world of acting by her role in the Hamlet show directed by Ghotbedin Sadeghi. After that she played in “ Parvaz Ra Be Khater Bespar” directed by Hmid Rakhshani to start her career in cinema which was followed by “ Rooze Fereshte”directed by Behrooz Afkhami. Lakani won the Simorgh from the 13th Fajr movie festival  as the best actress for acting in the movie “Didar” directed by Mohammad Reza Honarmand.  She continued acting in cinema and stepped into TV by her role in the “Hamsafaran” series and the tele-film “Parimah”. She also played in the tele- theatres like “ Kasb o Kare Aghaye Fabrizi” and “Dar Pooste Shir”. Not to mention that VOA had forced her to remove her hijab before also.

Mina Lakani in VOA-01