Elnaz Shakerdoost and her new photos in abroad

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“Elnaz and Ali Shakerdoost” are closer than we thought; they are siblings but in another type of binding than we see among siblings these days. Durus Street, the cameras and clocks which shows 11 P.M. everyone is waiting for them to enter and break the silence of this super star of Iran cinema. And finally here they are… people say disagreement does not have any meanings in your family!        Is that true?

Yes that’s true. Why did you ask? Is that true that you did not face any objections from your family when you decided to become an actress? Yes. We are more friends than a family. I mean rather than being in the framework of the family and have the obligations and formalities of children and parents, we are more like friends. But I heard you used someone to convince your father to agree with your decision on entering cinema. No I spoke to him myself and he said it does not matter what you do. I want you to be the best in whatever you do. Your interest is the main factor in choosing your future career as you would definitely be the best in what you do if you truly like it.

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Elnaz Shakerdoost