Elnaz Shakerdoost dressed up in Germany airport + photo!

Elnaz Shakerdoost

Elnaz shakerdoost shared a new and beautiful photo of herself in Germany airport. Here you can see her latest photo. Elnaz Shakerdoost shared her new photo in Germany airport . she wrote: I have learned that you can keep going, long after you think you cant !
The expressions are not translated word by word. In Taboo movie Elnaz Shakerdoost has played in the role of a girl named as Bahar who has decided to commit a suicide under the pressure of her dominating father, hence she chooses a sea as she does not know how to swim . Amir Gorgi, the plan executor of this movie said: ” as Bahar was supposed to commit suicide by not swimming in the sea, Elnaz Shakerdoost had to go to the middle of the sea while she was not supposed to swim while a big wave came and she was dragged under the water. We could not find her for a while and she was almost drowned but then she was finnaly found by a watchman and his wife who were on a ship.” Shakerdoost had worked with Khosrow Masoumi earlier in the movie named as “Bad Dar Alafzar Mipichad”.