Elnaz Shakerdoost in Swiss +photos

Elnaz Shakerdoost in Veins Italy. Elnaz Shakerdoost shared this beautiful photo of her trip in a snow wheather of Swiss with #switzerland#swiss in her personal page.

How much you had helped Dehnamaki for the dialogues of Rosvaii movie? When your thoughts are in the same direction with the director’s , then you would not have any issues in the dialogues for small changes. We did not have offhand dialogues much as the script was strong enough in its framework. It was not like that we were forced to say what exactly was written in the script. I know such girls very well and that is why Mr. Dehnamaki could trusted me to not only play this role but also to live with it. Had you seen his prior movies? Ekhrajiha? The warrior movie? I don’t like movies which is about wars. We did not aim to sell in Rosvaii movie and the prior movies of Mr. Dehnmaki had been appreciated very much by the audiences as they were all comic movies. Rosvaii was a real and serious movie. Do you think your presence and the role of Mr. Abdi and the name of Mr. dehnamaki would help the movie to become the best seller ? I knew from the first day I accepted the offer that the aim is not to sell in this project. We aimed in something else. This was a real spiritual movie. We want the young generations to get back to God after watching this movie. This movie was made out of personal interest and passion. It had a strong faith in it and I am sure it will become the best seller any way.

Gheysari with ladies appearance

Does this script have an effect on you ? the personality of Elnaz Shakerdoost as an actress in this movie is a kind of Gheysarin ladies appearance in the new generation of cinema. This character is so big that I still feel she is that big despite of all the rejections and repressions from the society , despite of the poverty in her life. I think the role of Afsaneh would never die in me I would live with her for the rest of my life. After finishing this movie, she says a character was born in her and she needs some time to accept another role.

Tell us about your future works and roles?

The bad habit which I have is that I don’t read any other scripts while doing a project which I like as I don’t want that to affect my role. I don’t want to divert my mind. That is why I did not read any other scripts . I took few scripts and kept them for the time I finish this project . but I need to take rest for a while I think I am little tired. A role has been born inside me and I need some time to accept another one. I have always believes this and I have always tried to follow it. Watch my movies , I have never allowed to be something other than this. Now unfortunately there are always few people who have a mask of friends on their face and have kept me among the colored eyes actresses. Those who are enemies or whatever, keep me in the group of colored eyes actresses. Now shall I join them myself? No this is not gonna work out. I have done some works to prove that I want to become an actress and remain in that position so I have never done this in my movies. In order to prove myself as an actress I broke myself in every way possible by wearing the back color contact lenses, lowering my eyebrows, wearing the artificial teeth in Mojaradha and Cheragh Ghermez movies. I broke myself many times to prove myself as an actress. Even if I don’t play anymore , I won’t let others to use me like a toy. Not only this year, but also till the end of my life I will not let anyone to use me like an instrument, never ever.

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