Famous actors and artists in the anniversary party of Tehran Paris restaurant

We had a friendly chat since the begining, initially, his voice in his latest album was supposed to be the background of the interview but then as it was going on, we turn downed the volume of the player, maybe because we had lots to talk about, especially regarding this voice.the bare voice of Bahram Radan. A voice that brought money and disturbance for him. It was natural. Attacking others in their own land ,would bring a reaction even though you know the rules of the game. That much to say : don’t buy that CD. The actor, star of Iran cinema answered to all the questions in this three hours interview and left us exhausted in a condition that he has two hit movies in the waiting list for display in the cinemas. What you read here is a part of his interview with ideal magazine. This interview has three sections: music, personal life and cinema. Three sections in which he, as a star, should shine in. Ali Karimi also has a right to enter acting world. / your new work, publishing a new ablum is a new experience. Experiencing itself is a great job or not? Sometimes experiencing is something that you can do it at home but when you want to take it out from home, then you need to have more confident about it. What if the audiences of such experiences are the whole society? When you publish something is such a broad dimensions like for the whole country, then you need to have even more self -confidence.  We have this trust to our work and I still insist on my words. Of course we never thought who would like it and would not. We were a group standing by each other and trusting our ideas and words and we knew we would find our own audiences.