Farzad Hasani is making a lot of news by falling in love for the second time + photo

Farzad Hasani is not losing his hope! The adventurer radio and TV presenter who made a lot of news in Fajr Film Festival by criticizing Mehran Modiri, was again in the front pages of journals for his critical discussion with Adel Ferdosipoor and his interview with Zahra Ameli the song writer. In fact, Hasani rejected this sentence that ” Ferdosipoor is lucky that I am not a sport man” but the words of lady Ameli and the fact that she is the second wife and ” Second Love” song was written for her husband and then handed it over to Ehsan Khajeh Amiri to sing it is still reflecting in different internet pages. Farzad Hasani was interviewing Lady Ameli in ” My Music” program in radio,  in a condition that she made a lot of news by dedicating a note to Hasani a while ago, in a reaction to the rumors, Hasani tried to reply with a polite and respectful note… the close friend of Farzad Hasani is criticizing Azadeh Namdari for the official announcement of her divorce from Hasani after three months, while she should be appreciated for respecting the sensitivity in people and ending all the rumors that was heard everywhere during these three months. Is it possible to hide the divorce of this famous couple for the rest of their lives? One of the journalists who is quite close to Hasani who has a close friendship with him and the news of Hasani and Namdari’s marriage was announced by him, was really influenced by the conflicts between them and said in a reaction to Namdari’s interview about her divorce from Hasani


Farzad Hasani