Fatmagul last episode summary


By the end of this serial, Mustafa kills Vural and hence he is sent to jail (in fact Kerim was suspected for this murder first and he spent some time in jail for this) Fatma Gul and Kerim would get married after they fall in love with each other (ceremonial). Mostafa is transferred to Court in the same night that the marriage ceremony of Fatmagul and Kerim is going on and he tries to run away. Hence the police officers would shot him and he dies.

Vural’s parents also pass away after losing their son. Salim and Melten get married but later on Melten realizes that Salim had r*ped Fatmagul in the night they were holding their engagement. She gets divorce and she will have a short time affair with Mustafa, Fatmagul’s ex-fiancé and she tries to take revenge from Salim this way.

Erdugan’s father dies before Vural. Yasaran family goes bankrupt and Salim and Erdugan run away to Egypt once Vural passes away. Anyways they will be cut by police after a while and sent to jail. Kerim’s father shows up and Kerim who blames his father for his mother’s death, now listens to the story from his father point of view and tried to understand him whivh eventually leads to the closer relationship between them.

Kerim’s father helps him in running his own business (Kerim opens a welding shop). Kerim has a step-sister named as Denis. Fatmagul and Kerim would have children and live in Istanbul. Fatmagul’s brother and his wife shift to Kasaba again (Mukaddes’s first child is Rahmin’s real child, but then they will have a common child whose name is Elif). Ebe Nina gets married to the lawyer of Fatmagul. Mustafa gets married to a girl whose name is Asu( Hajer) and she gives birth to her child in the night when Mustafa dies and she names the baby as Mustafa.

Fatmagul (2)


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