The funny joke of Bahareh Rahnama about Mohammad Reza Golzar

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Three stars of cinema and TV, watched the” Dorehami Zanane Shekspier” theatre on last Wednesday night.

Bizhan Birang, Mahmood Azizi, and Mohammad Rea Golzar watched this theatre which was directed by Bahareh Rahnama, in Master Smandarian hall in Iranshahr complex.

Once the show was over Rahnama thanked these three starts and other audiences. Interestingly, in one of the dialogues in which Mahnaz Afshar (Joliet) is talking to Rahnama about her lover (Romeo)who is handsome and the she all of sudden replies: I have seen him in the garden. He looks like an Iranian actor whose name is Mohammad Reaza Golzar!” this dialogue was followed by the laughter and appreciation of the audience.

This theatre was written and directed by Bahareh Rahnama and has been played every night except Saturday night in Samandarian hall.Mahnaz Afshar, Sahar Dolatshahi, Behnoosh Bakhtiari, Nasim Adabi, Kamand Amirsolimani, Sepand Amirsolimani and Rahnama heself has been casting In this project. This script has a free look at the “Charls George” script and is translated by Marya, Monazami. Peyman Ghasem khani was the assistant writer.

The followings are the rest of the crew in this theatre: dress and hat designer: Bahareh Rahnama, implementation: Elizabeth Tajarob ( Elizabeth meson) , scene designer: Siamak, Ali bosstan, Christophe Rezaii, programmer ans director assistant: Maryam Jalalian, makeup designer: Banooi, Ehsaii, music: Armani, production manager: Amir Reza Ahmad Zomorodi, communication: Azadeh Mokhtari, photoand video: Babak Borzuye. “ Dore Hami Zanane Shekspier” would be played from 11th of mordad to 15th of shahrivar.

Besides Bahareh Rahnama has acting in “Aesing Va Toore Kohneh” with Pezhman Jmashidi, Bizhan Banafshe Khah, Khosrow Ahmadi, Farnaz Rahnama and ect. ,Directed by Hossein Parsaii which is played in the same place in the next session.

Bahareh Rahnama about Mohammad Reza Golzar Bahareh Rahnama