Funny photos of Behnoosh Bakhtiari getting tempted for stealing

Behnoosh Bakhtari , the Iranian comedian has a funny and comic spirit. Behnoosh Bakhtiari has posted a photo on her instagram page and wrote: which one shall I steal??? Whatever you guys say lovely friends! She explained: ” Abrang” was a program that has a goal to reach and even Mr. Zarghami said this show goes till the 100th episode. Being an actress when I saw that I don’t even get a proper food and lost my hope in the future of that show, I left the project. Bakhtiari, then mentioned few names who does not work in TV anymore, and said: this is such a great pity that people like Mehran Modiri and Reza Attaran who were among the great actors of TV and worked hard for it for many years, are not here anymore. Bakhtiari also criticized this incident that her name was not mentioned among the comedians in TV and continued: it is interesting that my name has never been mentioned among the 10 comedians of TV till today. It is like Behnoosh has never existed. This is while I have played in more than 20 serials as a comedian. The actress of serials like ” Khaneh Be Doosh”, ” Charkhoneh”, “Asr Paeezi”, ” Khob, Bad, Zesht” and many others then spoke about her cooperation with domestic media and acting in serials like ” Eshgh Tatil Nist”, directed by Bijan Birang and said: presently I am busy with this  serial , theatre rehearsals and cinema movie shootings and don’t have any further interest in working in TV. Then she expressed her satisfaction in working with Bijan Birang in this serial and said: Mr. Birang is one of the most popular and modern directors of TV. In this project, we are talking about something which has been forgotten for many years which is nothing other than love. ” Eshgh Tatil Nist” is under production for 26 episodes in domestic media section.

Behnoosh Bakhtiari