Gelareh Abasi husband photo was released for the first time

Gelareh Abasi

Gelareh Abbasi got married during the month of Ramadan. She was present in the premier of Narges Abyar’s first movie last night, in which she has played in the first role. Gelareh Abbasi’s husband was in her company and was trying to be as warm and friendly as his wife was with their audience. Gelareh Abbasi who is playing in “Shahrzad” serial directed by Hasan Fathi, was also acting in “Shiar 143”. Gelareh Abbasi posted a note in her social page during the last days of Ramadan nights and announced her marriage officially. Gelareh Abbasi has married a young man whose job is not related to art but he is a big fan of art. Interestingly, Narges Abyar, the direstor and Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi had announced their marriage in their social page previously. Simorgh Website congratulate this couple and wish them a happy married life together. It also thank them and all the other celebrities who announce their marriage so frankly and avoid the useless rumors. As she said her mom has never allowed her to do anything at home, even if she is at home for quite a long time and has nothing to she still tell her to do something which she like instead of wasting her time in the kitchen.

Gelareh Abasi (2)