The happy face of Reza Davoudnezhad after his latest surgery

Most people may know Reza Davoudnezhad by his special body shape in TV serials and cinema movies. But he is no more the former Reza. His sickness period and his liver transplant has caused him to lose half of his weight but you can’t imagine even one second that he is not smiling and joking. Even the gossips are not disturbing him.

He is now in restoration period and feeling good now. He is planning for producing a movie! He also says that, it’s ok if producers are not ready to work with me in this body shape! I will play in my own movie!

We can see him in this photo that he is smiling to the camera lenses. Reza Davoudnezhad did a constructive surgery on fifth of Azar which was a heavy and difficult surgery.

It was supervised by Dr. Nik Eghbalian in Kosar Hospital in Shiraz. It was a successful surgery and Reza is recovering now.

He is feeling better day by day and had published this photo recently. Reza Davoudnezhad travelled to Shiraz last week for the last surgery of his liver transplant. He said before this surgery that this would be the last time he is going under surgery and is a part of his recovery from liver transplant. I hope that I would be ready for work after this surgery.

Reza Davoudnezhad did this transplant two years back. He has played in movies like “Masaeb Shirin”, “class Honarpishegi”, “Havoo” and “Bachehaye Bad”.

Reza Davoudnezhad