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Hedyeh Tehrani and Zamaneh

Zamaneh was the first movie in which I had a second role as I did not want to get use to the main roles and the lengthy presence on the screen. At first , I did not understand the script much and hence I had long conversations with Mr. Salahmand which again did not help. Actually, the role which I had to play was not that short and I took the role as it was attractive for me to experience a small role for once. There were many rumors that time that I had accepted this role due to the presence of Mohammad Reza Golzar. But the truth is his presence was not at all my concern for accepting the offer. The weird stories of popularity; from a man who used to call her house and ask for her as he thought she is his wife and they have four children or a young girl who had thought Hedyeh Tehrani is her mother once she had lost her real mother. She even saw this girl sleeping in her bed once she came back from a trip to north.

Tehrani and Chaharshanbeh Souri

Shokaran, Kaghaz Bi Khat, and Chaharshanbeh Souri are among the most appreciated movies of Tehrani. She said in an interview about Chaharshanbeh Souri that : I really like Asghar Farhadi’s previous works and hence I accepted his offer for this movie willingly. I never thought he would choose me once. I knew from the beginning that this movie is going to be a hit and Farhadi was not sure if I can act properly in this role. His doubts might be due to the fact that he did not the shadows of Tehrani to be present in this movie and an ordinary super star affect the movie and its sell. Anyways he had a big doubt. He actually wanted me to work in his group but still he was worried.

Hedieh Tehrani