Weird events in Hedyeh Tehrani’s life which you have not heard of/ from getting married to Rahim Mashaii to her death

Hedyeh Tehrani (2) Hedyeh Tehrani (3)

About her life, marriage and death/ in anything would go well, her first movie would most probably be ” Chay Talkh” directed by Naser Taghvaii; the actress who was so embarrassed by her play when she saw the move “Soltan” in cinema while others seem to be enjoying the movie. Everyone in the cinema were impressed by the love story of Soltan but Hedyeh Tehrani did not like what she saw on the screen. She said it to Nima Hasani Nasab few years later. In 1383 Hedyeh Tehrani was selected as the top 5 actresses of cinema in iran in a survey taken by Film Magazine. Back then she was working in this field for 8 years and she had played in 17 movies ; Masoud Kimiayi, Naser Taghvaii, Fereydoon Jeyrani, Behrouz Afkhami, Bahman Farmanara, Ahmad Darvish and etc were among the famous directors with whom she could work in such a short period. She received her first simorgh for acting in Ghermez movie which was exactly one year after her first presence in this field.

Hedyeh Tehrani