The horrible action of Turkish army with a Kurd citizen


A video has been published in turkey lately which made Kurdish citizens angry on one side and took the universal attention on the other side. This video was recorded from the corps of a Kurd citizen names as “Haji Loghman Birlik” who was murdered by Turkish Army, dragged on the ground by an army car. This happened in “Sharnakh” city. The slangs and abuses of Turkish soldiers to this Kurd citizen was heard in this video. “Farhat Anko” one of the representatives of HDP party (the closest legal party to Kurd citizens in turkey) said in an interview about the incidents of that night: a military conflict was occurred between Kurdish militia and Turkish security forces on 3rd of October around 1:30 AM in Sharnakh. These Turkish soldiers killed this young man and dragged his dead body in the city by their car.
The Turkish soldiers have claimed that this man was a Kurdish Militia and he was a member of Y.D.J group which is under the control of P.K.K. These groups try to take the over run the cities and take the control in their hands.