The interesting action of Amin Hayayi and his wife with photos

We got another chance to be the host of out two lovely actors of our country . ” Amin Hayayi” who is taking bed rest after his back surgery has got a new look after these two month of bed rest. For writing about this artist couple of our country we would refer to their famous sentence that they say in all the interviews they attend : we love each other and we are living together happily . Read our interview with them. Always remember the starting point
Hayaii used to play theatre in school. After his graduation from highschool while he was doing his mandatory service he started his career in the fine art center of Air Force. Amin says:” in the year 1370 I¬†was acting in a child theatre direct by Soraya Ghasemi. Those years all my energy was spent for acting in theatre and had multiple performances. I have very good memories from those days and have lovely friends from that period of time, like Caren Homayounfar, and Behzad Khodaveysi. Though I am not much in touch with Behzad Khodaveysi , but I keep a constant connection with Caren all the time.
Two months bed rest After the surgery I had to take two months of bed rest and I enjoyed it a lot . This was an amazing experience. After years of continues effort and work and joining this project after the other I could take a proper rest and stay with my family at home. Often my parents Often blaming me for not spending time with them and my mother always used to say she is missing those days that we used to spend a night a their place. I spent all these two months in my parents house and had lots of fun. My wife and mothers took a good care of me and pampered me a lot. Mother took care of me along with dad and Niloofar also spent all the time wid me as she didn’t have any projects in hand. To be precise a team was taking care of me and this bed rest was fun for me.
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