Interesting pose of Alireza Nikbakht Vahedi with his pet

Alireza Nikbakht Vahedi says there were many other football players in that party. The party that expelled him from football. Khabar Online wrote: he was there in that party for 40 minutes. He came at 16:20 and left at 17. But even this short period was enough for him to say those words. This interview was different from the previous ones. Unlike the efforts we took he was himself this time. He had lots to share with us and confessed for the first time why he was expelled for two years. Nikbakht who was presented very differently this time, once again requested the concern people to forgive him and do not made him to say goodbye to football at the age of 30. It has been three years of compensation now. Few years back something outside the football world happened. I can’t deny it. That story is over now it was three years back . I have paid for it. According to me I paid for it. For this incident I missed the chance of playing in Saba team and I was expelled. After a year I went to number one League and played in Peykan team, but that incident is not leaving me and my life. It has been three years now that I am paying for that mistake. It has been three years that I can’t play properly. I don’t know what happened again that this case is again opened. After three weeks they are telling me that I am not allowed to play and I am again expelled for another two years.


I really owe Kazemi

They have told me that everything is over. You have paid for your mistake. But I don’t know why mu case is reopened this year. I had compensated for it. I played in number one league. I was in my golden period of playing I could have play in the premier league teams but they said you can’t. so I went to number one league. I was not at all offended as I gained more experience. I played somewhere that pushed me forward for three years. I hereby would like to thank Farhad Kazemi. Had heard a lot from him and when I worked with him, then I realized why all his former players are still around him. He is a great man and I really owe him.

They said you are expelled for two years

Although it has been three years from that incident, but the have given the vote recently that I am expelled from playing football for two years. I have objected this order and I really hope that something happens in this week. I have my faith to God and I want to come back to football again.

I went to a party and …

I have heard many rumors about the reason of this order for me but I would like to discuss about it as they may make up many other rumors out if it. It is better to discuss now rather than clarifying after more than hundered rumors. Actually I attended a party and all these incidents happened after that. I have paid for it. I accept mu mistake. I don’t run away from it. There were many other players there who hide behind me. many of the famous people that you all may know from basketball player football player and coaches and actors.

There were many other football players there with me

This sport news mentioned many initials of the people attending that party. I don’t know what happened to the others who were present there and I saw them with my own eyes as was not there for a long time. I reached there at 12 and 30 minutes later that incident happened. I honestly don’t know why this incident was so disturbing for me. maybe because I was well-dressed , good looking and unlike many others was not hiding behind a mask. I have always boosted about being well-dressed all the time. But unfortunately this might not be pleasant for some people. There are few people who walk around with their untidy appearance but are not good in nature. Hence we should not judge people by their appearance. Overall, there were many other players in that party but it seems that I should be the only one who has been punished for it.

Alireza Nikbakht Vahedi