Justin Bieber’s mother was r*ped when she was 4 !!

Justin Bieber (2)

Lady Pati Malt the 36 year old mother of Justin Bieber, the young singer of America, said in an interview with Today Program which was played in NBC channel yesterday morning about her difficulties and pain during the early years of her life and then the efforts for raising her son. She said: she was r*ped by her stepfather since she was 4 years old and she was addicted to drugs and alcohol when she was 14 years old. As reported by Iran News, Justin Bieber’s mother has added that she got pregnant when she was 18 but she did not abort the child and she delivered her first child, Justin when she was a young girl. Justin Bieber’s mother claimed: I wanted to commit a suicide when I was 17 by jumping in front of a truck but someone saved me. Lady Malt says in this interview with “Today” that Justin’s first cry after his birth sound like singing and it was felt that he would become a singer in future!

Justin Bieber