Kamand Amir Solimani’s Son, Ilia. And his birthday with the presence of his family and famous actors + photos

Kamand Amir Solimani

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Away from Brother and sister fights/ thank God that we all are together this year and we would be together for the New Year. For some people it is little weird as it had happened to me before. But we are a united family. It happens to all brothers and sisters to fight with each other but I don’t remember the last time that I had an argument with Kamand./ We are so close to each other that we speak about the issues between us and we try to sort them out. Thank God that we have never hurt each other. All these years that our father was not In Iran, and I did not have anyone to give my handsel. But this year he should make up for that./ Saeed Amir Solimani and a new start with many hopes/ I really love New Year. People usually say in the beginning of the year, I wish this or that to happen in this new year. A hope grows in the people’s hearts that prepares them for a fresh beginning. Eid and New Year make people to feel love in setting the Haft Sin table. Relatives and our friends used to come for a visit and we also used to visit them. Now its children’s turn to give us the handsel and we will finally come to an agreement about it.

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