Mahnaz afshar and her daughter in an advertisement

Mahnaz afshar

Mahnaz afshar and her daughter in an advertisement for children outfits/ The invasion of some Persian speaking internet users to Malia Obama’s personal Instagram page, was followed by a huge reaction all over the world. Some of Persian speaking internet users found barak Obama’s daughter, ( the president of USA) Instagram page and wrote many jokes and funny comments , mostly offensive. Mahnaz afshar posted a note in her twitter page in a reaction to this action. She wrote: how can you reach out to these people and ask them to kindly stop doing this? Ask them to get out of Malia Obama’s Instagram page who is the president of United States of America. Malia Obama shared few of these comments. The invasion of these Iranian users to Malia Obama’s Instagram page and writing those jokes and offensive comments made her to change her account from public to private. Many Iranian citizens tried to make it up to her and apologize for this incident and send their apologies as a direct Message in Instagram. Malia Obama shared their direct massages and she replied to one of these comments and wrote: you are allowed not to forgive someone in your life. Many people are poor these days as the only thing they have in their lives is money. I understood that Iranians are good people as many of them massaged me and apologized. I accepted their apologies.