Mahnaz Afshar spending some time alone with her daughter!

mahnaz afsharmahnaz afshar

Mahnaz Afshar:

Hello and have  a good night / thank you all for following the posts with your sweet hearts. I love you all and I thank you. / these days are the only opportunities I have to take rest and spend some time alone with my daughter, who has not stepped into this world yet. This is the only time I have taken off from my career and acting. I want to see the world through my own eyes these days, to show her a beautiful and peaceful world with no pain and badness and to be a shield for her to feel the goodness and the harshness and the dreams, too… I wish for all the children and the next generation to live with the mercy of God and see a better and kinder world. Amen.

PS: I request all of you who have a pure heart and spirit to pray for me. thank you and I am grateful today for having you all. And tomorrow my daughter and I would be… I thank you all those friends who disagree with me as these differences in the points of views, would allow the individuals to grow. I wish you all goodness too. Different actors and actresses had a speech in a ceremony hold by health ministry; Reza Kianian, the famous cinema and TV actor said: ” thank God that the officials of this country have planned few programs for controlling cancer without any formalities. ” Kianian then requested for educating children in schools about AIDS. This cinema and TV actor faced the health minister and said: ” Mr. Minister. Why do you say that cancer does exist in other countries too? Why don’t you compare their facilities in those countries with ours?”

Mahnaz Afshar