Mehdi Suluki and his Wife in their newest photos

Mehdi Suluki (2)

Mehdi Suluki and his wife/ Mehdi Suluki , the Iranian actor finally opened an account in Instagram . He has posted many photos among which he had uploaded two photos of his wife along with him. One of these photos is shot from his wife and he companied with Amin Hayaii and his wife.

If I ever have to bare a pain… there would be a condolence and an end for it

It is very helpful. You would be very much confident and comfortable in a party full of people if you are well dressed and tied up and if not so, then the one would not to be a good company in the crowed.  People usually think that those who are careless about their appearance, are overall careless and irresponsible and not trustworthy. On the other hand, some others assume that those show men and TV presenters who do take care of their outfits are trying to show off. This is while they do so only to boost their self-confidence. The presenter would be hosting millions of people in the society and it would be inappropriate if they wear the unpolished shoes or untidy hairstyle.

Mehdi Suluki