Mohsen Tanabandeh and his friendly, cozy birthday party with the presence of famous people in Kaziveh restaurant

Mohsen Tanabandeh (2) Mohsen Tanabandeh (3)

The opening ceremony of movie trailer and the poster of Guinness movie along with the birthday party of Mohsen Tanabandeh was hold in Kaziveh restaurant few hours back. The crew people of this movie and many other cinema activists were present in this ceremony. It is quite rare in Iran to have a group of people scripting a movie and all those limited cases were not that successful. You can see the name of these people as the script writer in this movie. Could you explain a little bit about their method for writing the script? And tell us which part was written by each one of them. Working in Paytakht 2 was like I did a huge investigation first. In order to find the whole theme I did many things. Sirus Moghadam and Ahmad Mehranfar were also with me at some point. After many trips I could have a single theme for our work. Then I worked on it and elaborate it to make a complete story. As Paytakht had been made before, everyone were warning me that I am taking a big risk. They used to say all the second series have turned out to be a flop. Don’t start the second series as it takes the sweetness of the first part, people would hate the first paytakht too.  I was searching for a way to make the second part more different than the first one. We have a single story in Paytakht that the characters face some difficulties with their house. I tried to have a base story in Paytakht 2 but it keeps changing every time. I chose this frame to make it more interesting. When the number of stories reached to 4 or 5 I asked few other friends to join us. Mr Varasteh, and Mr Narimani entered at this stage. Since then I just gave the general theme of the stories and these two were writing the scripts. Then we all rewrote the whole script.

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