Nasrin Moghanloo congratulated the Mothers Day with this photo

Nasrin Moghanloo shared this photo in her Instagram page and wrote: hello everyon. Have a blessing day ahead. May you live forever Mother. No kisses is more beautiful than kissing the hands of your mother. A loyal friend, Unaffected, comrade, honest, and a great lover, mother. Happy mothers’ day to all the strong ladies and mothers of my land. Considering your busy schedule, do you still get time for doing the households? Yes I always do my best not to mix my career and my personal life. Of course sometimes I fail but when I am at home I do all the household by myself. Among the simple Iranian dishes, which one do you cook the best? I am really good at preparing Dampokht. What do you think about this sentence: “stomach has the first word to say”? I think most people enjoy eating, so this love towards eating make some people to use food for making the other person to love them and would make a space in other people’s heart by cooking delicious food. Can we think of food beyond the personal lives and use it as a tool for knowing other cultures and communicating with them? Yes, in my opinion, the food of each country shows their culture and you can get to know many stuff about their culture by the way they cook their food. Definitely bringing a food from one culture to another can be a beginning for their cultural communications. Among the local foods of different places in Iran, which one do you like the most and you know how to cook? I am from Tehran, but my mother was from south and my father is from Soraydaran or Khorasan province. My Grandmother is also from north. So I love ” Baghela Ghatogh” and “Mirza Ghasemi” from the dishes of north and “Ghalyieh Mahi” is my favorite dish from south and I know how to prepare them.

Nasrin Moghanloo