Negar estakhr in her 44rd birthday (photo)

Negar Estakhr Kaseb (1349 in Tehran) is a stage and outfit designer, master of puppets, and Iranian actress. Estakhr started with puppet playing as the role of Senjed and became famous with it. Negar Estakhr Kaseb was graduated in English literature from Azad university and has received her masters degree in Performance literature from Tehran University. Her cinema activity started with Stage decoration and costume designing for the movie Shahr Zanan in the year 1377. She directed ” Zan Ghorghru” theatre in the year 1387. We have interviewed her regarding the presence of senjed in TV once again, as a director of “Sehjed the journalist” program. It seems that the destiny of Senjed is turning out to be like its own slogan, which is :” I will come back , you see? I am back ”  rather thab being present all the time, it keeps coming and going all the time. Why this doll keeps traveling in TV? How come it is not stable in TV programs? The condition of all programs and so as Senjed, depends on the productions and the approval status of the channel. Senjed program was the replacement of another one since the beginning. So it was not approved for more than few limited episodes, and hence it did not continue after that. Overally, the conditions of approval and performances of the programs in TV causes this particular type of program not to be continued in TV. Luckily, it has got the approval for 90 episodes, this year and it will be continued . it seems that Senjed is going to do some more important tasks, is that true? Yes, Senjed has always been a journalist since the beginning but this time it tries to run a news agency with the help of children. Its news agency is going to be hold in Hezaro Shasto Shunzah program station for now. But shortly, the proper space is going to be designed for this agency.

Negar estakhr

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